Nowhere in the country can they use the presence of La Nina to predict their ski season like we can in the Pacific Northwest.

When La Nina shows up—it’s time to make big plans for the winter!  La Nina is associated with above normal Cascades snowfall and has been consistent about bringing us our best ski seasons ever.  What’s more is that this La Nina is considered a “mild la niña” which has historically delivered a more consistent schedule of pow days- rather than the massive dumps followed by a month of dry weather.

So unlike the rest of the country, we in the great Pacific Northwest can gear up for another awesome ski season! This is the year to buy the season pass and curly skis!  Book the time off now for the epic pow days without the hassle of long travel. Maybe skip the week-long trip to Utah this winter for an awesome powder day each week at Crystal!  or maybe just take the winter off!

Whatever the plan, make sure you have one—because no one likes to be caught at their desk on the big days!

Skiing Magazine