Early Local’s Club at Crystal Mountain: The Left Handers Club

Left Handers Club Pin Bob Grubb's croppedUnder the Alpine Inn and Snorting Elk Cellar’s original management, by Mo & Leo Scheiblehner, the Left Hander’s Club was established at the Snorting Elk.

An interview with Bill Steel revived the details of this club that had faded out by the mid 1990’s. Over his long time at Crystal Mountain, he occupied positions ranging from Lift Operator to Planning Director during his tenure of over 40 years.

After paying the club’s entry fee, you received a pin to display your membership. Pins have changed over the years, some with pictures of a left hand holding a pint and others simply saying “LH” on them. The single rule of the Left Hander’s Club was simple; you drink your beverage with only your left hand. If any member of the club caught you drinking your beverage with your right hand, you had to pay a fine to the club. Bill Steel said the fine was likely around $.50 or a dollar, which he remembers then as being about the price of a beer! At the end of the season, sometime in late April, the Snorting Elk held a party for the Left Hander’s Club where all drinks were free.

LH Pin 2Before the Snorting Elk Cellar had the now famous Snorting Elk Deli, the back room held a pool table, a favorite of locals and visitors alike. The walls of the pool room held plywood boards which showed off the names of all the members of the Left Hander’s Club were . Local’s commonly made up the bulk of this club.

As the age of clubs reigns again at Crystal Mountain, will the Left Hander’s Club make a comeback?

With some upgrades to the rules, keeping the premise the same, we hope to bring back this club at the Snorting Elk Cellar! Who’s in?!